Are You Looking for The Best Shared Hosting Company in Mumbai? Look Nowhere Else!

When it comes to shared hosting, it is the most popular type of hosting because of its low cost and how it gets the job done correctly in case of both business and personal needs. Most shared hosting plans have Linux as the default operating system, but you can always upgrade to Windows. We at The Cloud Server aim to provide you with the best-shared hosting experience to justify our title of the best shared hosting company Mumbai.

How Do We Work? 

Firstly you need to understand that many businesses and people prefer shared hosting over VPS or dedicated servers. One of the main reasons for that is how cheap it is. But usually, what happens is, the cheaper the service gets, the worse the customer support gets. That is not the case with us. Whichever plan you decide to take from us, we offer the same quality of technical support. If you are someone who is new to this field and does not know much about hosting, our technical support will help you every step of the way. Apart from these, a few more advantages to taking our service are as follows:

  • Unlike most shared hosting services, we provide unlimited storage to our clients. In this way, you will never have to worry about storage space.
  • When we are already offering unlimited storage, why not unlimited bandwidth? We also provide that. In most cases, what happens is, due to increased traffic, you get suspended because most shared hosting providers give limited bandwidth, but that is not the case with us. You join us, we make sure you are well taken care of!
  • We also provide the option of having unlimited email ids.
  • We also provide SSL protection for every client.
  • If you need multiple domains and are looking for plans regarding that, we have programs that start from 10 parts to an unlimited domain plan!
  • We also guarantee 99.9% uptime; no hosting company will provide you with this guarantee!
  • We also provide our clients with 1 click installer script feature. Using this, you can install any apps with just one click. This is only one of the many elements which go to how user-friendly our services are.


Most businesses need a shared hosting platform, but the tricky part is choosing the best shared hosting company and plan. We at Cloud Server have made sure that all our projects are excellent, and you never have to imagine which the best is. All you need to do is, put your faith in us, and let us take care of the rest!