Know the Benefits of Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting is one of the web hosting plans. It has turned out to be the most preferred web hosting option among many small and startup companies. Although it has a few hitches, this type of web hosting is considered the most preferred hosting option among many entrepreneurs.

What are the pros and cons of shared hosting?

Shared hosting is considered the most basic web hosting type. Whether you are building a website for your startup or small business and would like to make your hosting project more affordable, then this type of web hosting is the best option for you. As the name suggests, when you are choosing shared hosting, your website, as well as other websites, will share a single server.

The first and foremost benefit of the service offered by a shared hosting company Kolkata is that it is more cost-efficient than other web hosting plans. This is for the reason that you will be splitting the resources of your service provider, meaning you will be sharing the same server with the website of another business. Accordingly, your website will have a restricted amount of resources as classified by their particular hosting plan.

Some of the pros of shared hosting include:

  • Cost-efficient
  • Simple to set up
  • Technical knowledge is not essential

Shared hosting has its own drawbacks, as well. As your website shares the same server with other websites, it may load slowly or offer slow performance. This is for the reason that if another website on the shared server receives heavy traffic, then your site will experience loading issues, which in turn, will make your website load slowly, which cannot be avoided.

Who are the suitable candidates for shared hosting?

The best candidates for Shared hosting are the websites of small businesses and startup companies. This is for the reason that it is cost-efficient and does not need lots of technical acquaintance to get started. Entrepreneurs who are budget conscious can opt for this type of web hosting. Those who are operating simple websites, such as bloggers and freelancers, are the ideal candidates for shared hosting. Websites that do not require lots of resources or not having much on-site interaction will be the best candidates for this type of web hosting.

Therefore, shared hosting is an immense option if you would like to save some money. However, it will not deliver the best web hosting experience for you as well as for your website users even if you hire the best shared hosting company Kolkata for your project.