Choose the best Shared Hosting Company in Chennai

While building a website for your business, it is important to choose the right hosting platform. Indeed, when you pick the best Shared Hosting Company Chennai, you would get a lot of beneficial features. It is easier to make a professional and effective website and control every aspect of it.

In this regard, The Cloud Server is one platform you can certainly rely on. It includes many useful services and plans that would help business owners utilize their websites to their highest capacity. We aim to provide a high level of service in lots of sectors and offer multiple plans with powerful features.

Different Shared Hosting Features Offered:

There are many useful characteristics of The Cloud Server that ensure high-grade shared hosting uses. For one thing, you can easily install applications on this platform, with just one click. Plus, we offer free domains to our customers after they subscribe to our packages.

With our Free Site Builder feature, one can easily create professional-looking and usable websites. Not to mention, the control panel is very user-oriented, which allows everyone to utilize the available tools without delay. Overall, the team working at Cloud Server is focused on giving every user a secure and top-quality performance.

Why should you trust us?

Out of so many available options, it is important to choose the right platform that would suit you. If you are wondering why you should depend on our Shared Hosting Company in Chennai, the reasons are as follows.

We have a team of experienced technical staff with years of experience. They are always available to provide all kinds of support.

  • No matter which package you use, we offer unlimited amounts of bandwidth and storage.
  • You can use as many websites as you desire on this platform.
  • We can efficiently transfer your websites from other hosting platforms onto Cloud Server, without losing any coding.
  • The speed of the connection you would experience is high.
  • Our servers are running at all times. Thus, we give a 99% uptime guarantee to our customers.

Besides the aforementioned ones, we provide many more benefits that users can utilize for optimal shared hosting performance.

Shared Hosting Plans and Packages:

The Cloud Server offers four specific plans to business owners and individuals in the shared hosting platform. These include Standard, Economy, Ultimate, and Professional packages. Each of them provides unlimited bandwidth, space, emails, and free SSL certificates.

The latter allows users to turn their HTTP links to HTTPS. This makes the sites more secure, and our support team ensures high security from hacking, viruses, etc. Regardless of what you need, our experts would provide fast solutions for them.