Best Dedicated VPS Hosting in Pune

If you are new to the world of VPS hosting, you are bound to be overwhelmed with the number of options you will see on the Internet. At first, it will be very difficult for you to know which plan to pick and how that plan will work. To eliminate all your troubles and make the solution as easy as possible, we have come up with several simple VPS hosting plans. There is a reason why we are considered to be the best VPS Hosting providers in Pune. 

What do we offer? 

We at The Cloud Server aim to provide only the best sedatives for our clients. To first understand our services, first, let’s understand what exactly a VPS is.

VPS stands for Virtual private server. VPS is a shared hosting plan which acts as if it is a dedicated plan. You get a portion of the server’s resources, as other clients take other portions, but the best part about it is that whatever portion is given to you is solely yours. You do not need to share anything which makes VPS feel like a dedicated server. Hence it is slightly more expensive than a fully shared server but cheaper than a dedicated one.

We offer very simple and amazing VPS plans for our customers. All our clients get technical support from our end, irrespective of whichever plan you take. So even if you do not know much about VPS, you do not need to worry about a thing. Our technical support team consists of experienced professionals who have worked with people from different professions like IT, banking, lawyers, doctors, and much more.

A few reasons why you should consider us when you are looking to buy dedicated VPS hosting in Pune:

  • We offer both performance and cheaper plans, which we call the storage plans whichever suits your needs, you can opt for that.
  • All our performance plans have SSD, a minimum of 8GB ram, and a minimum of a 4 core processor. Along with that, we offer a minimum of 200 megabits per second internet speed with unlimited traffic. Also, all high-performance plans come with both Linux and Windows support.
  • Our storage plans start at a very cheap rate when compared to our high-performance plans. We provide a hard disk in our storage plans instead of an SSD, but our HDDs are way faster than any typical HDD you can find on various other VPS providers. Even though we offer the plans at a very low rate, we still provide unlimited traffic when it comes to Internet usage and a minimum of 100 Megabits per second speed. We also provide both Linux and Windows support.
  • All our plans come with DoS protection and root access.


As you can see, to us, our clients are our biggest achievement. Your happiness and goals matter more to us than anything. Hence we provide the best VPS plans that you can find on the Internet today. So jump on the VPS bandwagon, and come join us!