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Custom Designed and Fully Managed Dedicated Hosting

VPS hosting has become the most used and best way of establishing an online presence for many global businesses now. Due to its many benefits VPS hosting is popular as it saves your money on buying and maintaining your own physical servers and also provides superb performance. Our flexible dedicated server hosting services give you a smart move. VPS is ideal for any kind of business from new start-ups to big organizations as it allows you to connect with your customers across the world. If you’re looking to take a step up from shared hosting for a more privacy-oriented solution, dedicated VPS services may be the way to go.

The Cloud Server’s managed dedicated servers with amazing high performance which are all custom built, secured, and fully optimized straight out of the box. Our dedicated VPS hosting servers to support your business or individual outgrown. Our dedicated servers are powered by SSD storage, which is amazingly fast. We give assurance of Guaranteed VPS and high performance with the best servers worldwide available. Our benchmarks results show we are the leading hosting company among the best VPS hosting providers in Delhi in the hosting market.

Our Dedicated Server Hosting Service Advantages

High-performance Servers | Maximum Control | Instant Service

Best Uptime on the Planet

We offer managed dedicated server hosting services in Delhi guaranteed.99.99% uptime. Our VPS hosting services have more uptime across every server in our global portfolio.

Flexible Hosting Solution

Our VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting offers you a more private and flexible hosting solution by providing you complete control over a virtual computer installed on a shared server.

Latest Technology

Our Dedicated Servers eliminate your need to constantly upgrade or replace obsolete equipment. We give a custom-built Dedicated Server to you which is always powered by a fast processor and advanced software. Our servers can support multiple sites such as database-driven sites, streaming media, and complex e-commerce sites.

Cost Savings

Dedicated Cloud Hosts are perfect for organizations that are looking for substantial cost savings from larger infrastructure deployments and gain economies of scale to help sustain business growth.

Quick Connection

If you have servicing websites with high traffic volumes, then our VPS is the best option for you. We provide the advanced network with vast connectivity and storage capabilities to deliver unparalleled Dedicated Server Hosting Solutions for you.

Flexible Hosting Packages

We have designed and implemented custom Dedicated Hosting packages for clients who require premium data transfer and superior server performance.

SLA Guaranteed

Our dedicated hosting infrastructure is also protected by guaranteed components. Our Critical infrastructure includes the functioning of all power, HVAC, and cabling, etc.

Affordable Dedicated Server Hosting Plans

Fully managed, the best support your business with 99.99% uptime guaranteed.

Get ready to unleash the power of The Cloud Server’s dedicated hosting plan. Each private, physical server uses only the latest technology and protected by our 99.99% uptime guarantees. We offer below VPS hosting Powerful plans, connected, and exclusively for you!

We offer many hosting plans including basic plans to get you started, or just call us with your RAM and storage needs, and we will do the rest. Choose the plan and buy dedicated VPS hosting in Delhi at an affordable price.

Dedicated Cloud Hosts Plans

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