How Can You Choose the Right Dedicated Server Hosting in Kolkata?

With increasing competition in the industry, dedicated server hosting has become extremely cheap. This makes all sizes of businesses in Kolkata prefer to have a dedicated server for their websites. Nowadays, many service providers are prepared to offer the best as well as the most affordable plans to attract more customers. However, choosing the best one is the key to reap the real benefits of having a   dedicated server.

How can you choose the right type of dedicated server hosting?

Dedicated server hosting is of different types namely:

  • Managed Windows Dedicated Server
  • Managed Linux Dedicated Server
  • Self Managed Linux Dedicated Server
  • Self Managed Windows Dedicated Server

However, the type of dedicated server hosting that you need mainly counts on the type, size, as well as niche of your business.  Generally, having a dedicated server will be quite useful and economical for large businesses whose websites get heavy traffic. Choosing the right type of dedicated server hosting will not only aid you considerably in improving the performance of your website. It will also assist you to attain your business goals easily and effectively.

However, you will be capable of achieving this by choosing the best service provider of dedicated server hosting in Kolkata. This is for the reason that besides having a performance-centric server, you will be getting 100 % technical support throughout the year, as well. Moreover, the dedicated servers of these companies will be fully configured and they will be highly secure and safe, as well.

When you have plans to buy dedicated server in Kolkata, first you are required to know the difference between the Managed Hosting and Self Managed Hosting.

What is Managed Hosting?

When you choose Managed Hosting for your website, your service provider will provide you with a dedicated server and related hardware, such as system software and an operating system, such as Windows or Linux. The service provider will manage those systems on behalf of you.

Some of the services you can expect from the service provider offering the dedicated server hosting in Kolkata include:

  • Disaster recovery, backups, and load balancing
  • All security services, including intrusion detection, vulnerability scans, and shared DDoS or distributed denial-of-service deterrence and alleviation
  • Physical safety measures for protecting data centers
  • Configuration, monitoring, and maintenance of your server;

Above all, you will get the best application support as well as technical problem resolving support.

What is Self Managed Hosting?

When it comes to Self Managed Hosting, you will get complete control over the manipulation of your server. This means that you can manage your server yourself. When you are intended to buy dedicated server in Kolkata that needs to suit your business goals, then choosing this type of dedicated server hosting service will be the perfect solution for you. As you are managing your server yourself, you are solely responsible for its performance and maintenance.

Therefore, understanding the differences between the Managed Dedicated Server Hosting and Self Managed Dedicated Server Hosting will aid you significantly in choosing the best hosting services for your Kolkata Company and website.