Overview of the Best Cloud Hosting in Pune

Cloud hosting is nothing but VPS or virtual private server. A virtual private server is nothing but a shared server but mimics the properties of a dedicated server. A virtual private server has been gathering a lot of popularity and attention specifically because it costs way less than a dedicated server yet, at the same time, provides better performance, security, and reliability than a shared server. A VPS also gives the users the freedom to have root access to make environmental changes and install whichever application they want without going with it through the hosting provider. With so many benefits to a VPS, people still get confused, whether they should opt for one or not. This mainly arises because there are so many options, people get confused about. Hence we at The Cloud Server have come with a solution.

How can we help you? 

With multiple companies offering what we offer, we decided that we must first think about our clients before thinking about the company because you are what makes us complete. Hence we have customized our plans so that even with the starter plan, we are offering so much power that no client will be confused about it. Our starter plan is enough to handle anything you throw at it, and it just gets better with the higher plans. Moreover, we have made sure we fill our company with technical specialists who know how to handle all of your problems. We provide a step by step guide for everything related to VPS since most of our client bases are amateur businessmen who are just starting. Since we have solutions to the smallest of problems, even veterans of various businesses prefer us because they get a type of care they don’t elsewhere.

When it comes to our VPS solution, we have two major types of plans, performance, and storage. Performance plans have the highest internet speed and the fastest storage solutions, which are SSDs. Whereas in our storage plans, they are cheaper, but we still provide very high Internet speeds, but slower Hard drives but with higher storage than the SSDs. In both cases, we provide DDoS security and unlimited bandwidth for Internet traffic.


We call ourselves the best Cloud VPS hosting in Pune because we know that the services we provide for the price, along with our superior customer care facilities, no other company in the city comes close!