Boost Your Business with Our Fast Speed Premium Cloud VPS Hosting in Delhi at Affordable Prices

Through VPS solutions it can see many businesses through with their lives online. You can use a virtual server to feel like using dedicated servers if you are using Windows or Linux operating systems. A dedicated server allows you to manage and control all your activities. At the same time, a VPS server will give you high performance at a very affordable price. At The Cloud Server, we provide customer satisfaction which is our major target. Our dedicated hosting service with full technical support makes us the Best VPS Hosting Provider in Delhi. If you are searching for Cloud VPS Hosting in Delhi, you are in the right place here.

Why you need Cloud VPS Hosting

There are many benefits of using cloud/VPS here we will know the top benefits which provide an idea of what we will offer to you.

Easy Connectivity

If you are using a remote desktop (Windows server) or terminal servers, then you will get more advantages of the Easy Connectivity. You can connect one to other remote computers with our virtual server.

Easy Testing Of Your Business Applications

Our virtual machine lets our client test their business applications easily in the cloud and even run them without hiccups and interference.


We will assure to provide you total access to your domain after hosting on our server. Here your all sites have complete security and safety in your hands. No matter what you are using a Windows server or Linux, our control ends at giving you a server to host your domain.

Hosting Virtual Private Server in Delhi India


Highly Available Infrastructure

You can choose any scale and size from our highly available infrastructure stands hosting projects. We offer a 100% up-time guarantee which gives you the ultimate peace of mind without any worry.

Fully Scalable Resource Management Solutions

Our all VPS Hosting plans offer our client a fully scalable resource management solutions which ensure them complete ownership over their resources for Instant distribution.

Dedicated Support Team

Our dedicated Support Team has many years of experience who are always ready to solve your all queries. Once you have signed up for our VPS Hosting package, you no need to worry about any technical problem, you will have 24/7 access for any technical problems which you may face throw your way.

Fast SSDs

Our all dedicated virtual private servers are powered by enterprise-grade solid-state drives (SSDs). The fast virtual private servers with SSDs offer you a blazing fast performance for your servers and applications.

Control Panel with Maximum Controls

We offer an intuitive control panel with maximum controls that facilitates independent and efficient site management. We also have more security which offers you maximum protection against the latest security threats. You can call or contact our 24X7 quality support to buy any VPS hosting India plans. We are always ready to give prompt and precise solutions to all your queries or issues.

Daily VPS Backup

We offer automatically backup process for everything you stored on your cloud VPS server once per day by paying a very small server price.

Wide Collection of VPS Plans 

We have a wide collection of India VPS plans so that customers can choose the most suitable plan as per their requirement that precisely caters to your business needs and fits well into your budget.

Where Our VPS use?

Our VPS services come with unlimited traffic and can be used in various places for numerous purposes.

Education And Training – Our specific Linux VPS are also designed which are the perfect playground for computer science majors or field of learning web application development.

VPS for eCommerce – Our VPSfor eCommerce is powering your online eCommerce stores with a virtual private server at an affordable price. The best way to guarantee visitor performance and improve your SEO Rankings.

Start-Up Business Use – You can choose our virtual server for your startup business to customize security, host multiple domains, or improve your website’s loading times by which you can get more traffic on your site.

Testing New Web Apps Our VPS has also proven as a great way to test new web applications that are developed. It gives you an independent and isolated test environment.

Game Servers – People can use our VPS for their game servers, but they will need to limit the number of players. If you want to have more gaming hosting, you should choose a Cloud or Dedicated Server.