The Best Website Hosting Company in Mumbai

For every website to function normally, it needs two things, a domain name and hosting. Without either, the website will just not function. Today we are going to talk about hosting. Hosting is nothing but allocated resources and space for a website in the server where the website resides. There are various types of hosting that one can use for their website, like dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, shared hosting, etc. Now all these have different functionalities and different properties. Directly not all companies provide all the hosting options because most people choose either VPS or dedicated hosting. But we at Cloud Server believe that we must give all our clients every opportunity possible to make their choice based on what they want and not based on what is available. This is one reason why Cloud server is considered to be the best web hosting company Mumbai.

Different Hosting Options and the Services We Provide

We at Cloud Server provide our clients with various hosting options so that they have the liberty to choose what they want. The service we offer to our clients differs from hosting to hosting because different hosting need different kinds of help, but some of our services are common to all hosting—for example, our technical support team. We have a team that only has experienced people who have worked with people from different professions. So whichever type of website you are looking to host, our technical team has worked with all. You can be a doctor hosting a medical site or an engineer with a tech site; we will provide you with expert help and step by step guidance in every situation.

Now when it comes to hosting, we provide all options, but the following are the most famous and most asked hosting:

  • Shared Hosting: Shared hosting is a prevalent type of hosting precisely because of its cheap. You can have a shared hosting with very little money. This kind of hosting is perfect for small companies because you can start small and then slowly expand your site as you see fit.
  • Dedicated Hosting: Dedicated hosting is hosting where your website is placed on the server by itself. It is costly but offers features which no hosting does.
  • VPS: A very popular hosting because it combines the best feature of both shared and dedicated hosting. VPS hosting is cheaper than dedicated but provides the same level of performance, reliability, and security features as dedicated hosting. We make sure that as the best website hosting company in Mumbai, we provide our customers with the best plans for any form of hosting, and that is true for VPS.
  • Reseller Hosting: Reseller hosting is where a company offers a hosting service as if it is from their own company but, in reality, is using the resources of its parent company.


We can provide our clients with the best possible service; hence we offer various hosting plans under that hosting so that whatever our client wants, they can have it!